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Terrible Tragedy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday a few days ago a tragedy struck. 6 boys and 2 twins Evan and Jordan Caldwell decided to break into Calgary’s Olympic bobsled run after hours (around midnight) to go bobsledding in there sled. There was to be 8 in total, all boys.

When they broke in the boys did not look at the bobsled track. If they had they would have realized that there was a concrete gate separating the bobsled from the lug track. They were not on any drugs, they thought that they would just have a little fun on Saturday night.

When they crashed both twins got killed, and the others got damaged. The ambulance got called around 1:30 in the morning for help. The other friends got sent to the hospital. One is in a coma so they are not sure he will survive.

Such a terrible tragedy.

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Science Fair

Emily Carr

The type of movement I think Emily Carr is doing in the picture is emotion. Emotion can look like a lot of things, it can be a blade of grass, just emotions are also based a lot on mixed colors. The colors in this picture are different shades of green, purple, yellow, bit of black, red blended in orange, and a bit of gold. The colors layer, swirling different directions, and in the corner a small name printed Emily Carr. This picture is a bit chaotic with all the colors, but at the same time it has a beauty in it that is hard to find.

Definition: Dark, many colors, they look like waves. My reflection is, if it was a story I feel that it would have many different characters, there stories would be different and there would be twists and turns. In the picture I think there is a small reflection in it, a real reflection. It shows the shine of the surface, and towering cedar trees a bit beyond the beach. This picture is really beautiful.

This is about Emily Carr’s picture, High Spirit

Book 2: Chapter 15, Style

Symbol knew what style Alka would be expecting her to be wearing her normal fashion Fiery and bright, but Symbol had always wanted another style, a style that she had always wanted to wear.
Symbol took a pair of brown slightly high heeled boots, a pair of black yoga pants, black top, elastic to tie in her hair, and a samari sword. Stella was amazed at how much Symbol could change.
“Wow Symbol” Stella exclaimed, “I didn’t know you could change like that.” “Well Alka won’t expect that her mother ended up looking like this” Symbol said. “I will have to go find something that can help save the world, to stop that witch that took over my daughter. Stella I need some potions that could help.”
Stella handed 12 flasks to Symbol, “There’s what you need.” Stella said. “Now go out and show the world who you are.” Symbol smiled, “Thanks sis,” then she disappeared.

Book 2, Chapter 14: Scars

Symbol looked away, why did this have to happen.

“Symbol the pikla’s are coming,” Stella yelped suddenly, she was right. “Run Stella!” Symbol yelled. “Run I’ll hold them off!” Symbol charged at the Pikla, not noticing anything but her own steps, she was running faster faster. Something whizzed past her face, it missed her by inches.
It happened Symbol slipped on she grass and fell. A pikla loomed over her, “This is a gift from lord Veesa to remember her forever.” The pikla took a dagger and ran it over her eye, pushing it deep.
The pikla smiled and flew over the sky, Symbol was crying screaming in agony. Stella rushed up, “Symbol whats…………..” She bent down over Symbols cut, she grabbed a flask and poured a potion over her eye.

“I can heal the wound, but you will have a scar” Stella murmured. “Thanks Stella for everything” Symbol whispered, “But know I need to change up my look.” Symbol stood up, the scar clearly showing on her face. “Bye bye old look.”

Book 2, Chapter 13: An Odd Note

Stella threw the poison gas bomb, it hit the ground with a thud and exploded. Everything looked peaceful enough, the Piklas had disappeared in the explosion.  Stella glanced at Symbol, “They’re dead” Symbol muttered to Stella, even though she felt that they had done something wrong.

Just then shards of paper fell to the ground, Symbol glanced at a piece of it, it was Ranila’s signature.  “Stella come over here now!” Symbol called, Stella rushed up, “What’s the matter,” Stella said urgently.  Symbol pointed at the paper on the ground with Ranila’s signature, Stella gasped.

“Symbol bring the paper together with ice,” Stella exclaimed, Symbol brought the pieces together and it said in Ranila’s handwriting:

Symbol and Stella, if you get this message please write back quickly I’m under lots of pressure. Listen Lord Veesa and the other creepy lord are planning to open the underworld, the only thing they don’t have to open the underworld is something called a charm speaker, only 3 exist in the world, Helania Decei, Frion Smaio, and me. They’ve captured me and Frion, but they need all 3 charm speakers quickly you must find, and warn Helania. There coming and they won’t stop.

Symbol looked at Stella, the end was getting near.

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Book 2, Chapter 12: They Return

“Stella, Stella, wake they found us!”

Stella opened her eyes, and saw Symbol staring at her. Her arm had a deep gash in it, and she had a scratch on her face.

“What’s the matter Symbol?” Stella said sleepily, even though she could tell Symbol was looking ready for battle.

“Um, the Piklas are here, and they look different.”  There was no mistake about that, the had now green scales, lots of blades, and blood red eyes.  Even though they were about 12 km away they were almost like mini jets.

Stella sat up, “Now I get what you mean!”  Symbol firmly grabbed Stella’s hand and ran, pulling Stella with her.  The Piklas were gaining on Symbol and Stella before Stella got an idea.

“I know, we can put my poison gas into one of your lava bombs,”  Stella said.

“Great idea” Symbol replied.  Stella pulled out a little bottle which had black liquid in it, and put it in a fire bomb,

“Here we go,” Stella said.

Book 2, Chapter 11: Sunset In The Valley

As the sunset rose above the meadow, Symbol and Stella lied down.

“Can I tell you a story Stella?” Symbol asked.

“Sure,” Stella yawned.

“Once there was a girl named Balianam.  She was a princess.  Her orange braided hair went down her back.  One day she got in a fight with her parents.  They didn’t have enough money to buy a crown.  She turned her backs on them.   One day, though she saw something dark moving towards the castle.  It was a horse pulled by 2 people in dark black clothing.  Then poof, she disappeared.”

Symbol ended the story hastily,”Symbol, who were these people?” Stella asked.


Chapter 24: Where Is The Second Queen

I walked glumly down the hallways.  Since Brigora and I got knocked out we couldn’t do as much.   When I did anything pain would come through me, stinging badly.

I heard a scream from Brigora’s door.  I ran as fast as I could.  When I reached Brigora’s room no one was there.

“Wa ha ha!” Lord Veesa’s voice echoed down the hallway.   “Symbol how surprising.”

What do you want with me?” I said sharply.  Lord Veesa hung me by my hair over a spike, then flew 75 miles to his icy palace with Lord Nafarius.  

After a bad ring came out. “Where are the queens?” the town chanted at the house owners, Mr Ruddls, and Mrs. Copra.

“I, I don’t know,” stammered Mr.Ruddls.

“They they have been taken by Lord Veesa and Lord Nafarius,” said Mrs.Copra.

“How do you know?” asked Mr.Ruddls.  Mrs.Copra stared hard at him, then started evaporating into someone with fangs.  She was Lord Veesa, with fangs glinting white with blood on them.

“Now come join me,” she hissed showing poisonous fangs.

“Run!” Mr.Ruddls said, then simply the whole town stood back.  Lord Veesa reached into the handbag she took and pulled out the crown, starting to go black.

“Soon I will rule the world, but only if I destroy Stella first.”

Stella feeling rather hot ran out of the crowd and into the forest, only grabbing her healing kit.  Pandra didn’t notice her fleeing to the forest.

Lord Veesa had already killed 1200 people with a bomb she set of, the smoke after as poison gasoline.

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